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Marketing training services by Mac McIntosh, the B2B Sales Lead Expert. Custom training that attendees (and meeting planners) love.

If your employees want better results from their B2B marketing and sales efforts, I might be just the speaker you’re looking for. For more information, a proposal or pricing, contact me directly. Request a free Speaker Kit for all the details: 1-800-944-5553 or use my contact form.

B2B marketing training

I provide business-to-business marketing training for corporations, government agencies and associations worldwide. See my speaking and training client list for examples.

You can trust that I know what I’m talking about as my sales and marketing consulting work gives me hands-on knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in today’s competitive marketplace. Your attendees will walk away with proven strategies, tactics, tips and techniques that they can put to work right away.

Customized training

Read quotes from attendees of my business-to-business seminars. People say that I’m an entertaining, high-content marketing speaker who delivers fresh, up-to-date material every time. Unlike some other you’ll never get a generic or ‘canned’ program from me. Why? Because I take the time to customize and tailor every presentation–from webinars to half-day, full-day and multi-day training seminars and workshops–to the specific needs of you and your attendees.

I guess that’s one of the reasons why attendees have frequently reported that I was one of the best marketing speakers they have heard.

Sales and ma

Marketing training topics

For a complete list of marketing training I’m qualified to deliver, click here.

Below are some examples of training I’ve done for marketing professionals. Contact me with your specific needs.

Using relationship marketing to build sales

Whether you call it “relationship marketing,” “nurture marketing” or “database marketing,” it is a strategy that has time and again proven its strengths and cost-effectiveness. It can be used to court prospects until they are ready for personal sales attention, building awareness and preference for your company’s products and services.

How to use direct mail and e-mail to produce more qualified leads

If done right, e-mail and “snail mail” are effective tools for prospecting, building relationships and generating sales-ready leads for value-added resellers. In this training session, you’ll learn which direct mail and e-mail marketing strategies and tactics work best today and which to avoid.

How to use telemarketing to find more qualified leads

When it comes to generating qualified leads that your sales people can turn into new business, telemarketing (if done right) can be very effective. In this training session, I share proven strategies, tactics, tips and techniques for putting telemarketing to work for your sales team.

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales with your website

Your Website is often the first place a prospective customer goes to learn more about your company. Is yours helping move prospects along in their consideration process, toward buying from your company? Or is it scaring them away? In this training session, learn what’s working and what’s not when bridging the marketing-to-sales gap with your Website.

Whose job is it anyway? The roles of your marketing, inside sales and field sales organizations in today’s marketplace

As marketing and sales costs climb, overlapping roles and unclear responsibilities can negatively affect your results and the bottom line. In this training session, I’ll show you how leading companies, large and small, are deploying their marketing and sales resources for maximum impact and ROI.

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