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Attendees have said I provide actionable content in an engaging way. Meeting, conference and seminar planners report that I am easy to work with and do my homework to tailor presentations to your situation. Also see: Meeting Planner Testimonials.

Attendee Quotes


Melissa Conary
Mktg. Comm. Manager
TapTone, Inc.


Within a few days of returning home from the Marketing Boot Camp training seminar, I have already been able to implement positive changes to existing marketing strategies. Some of the key learnings we had from the course have triggered new life into campaigns that were stalled, and have also redirected some existing marketing projects that were underway but heading down the wrong path. The tips we learned from you will absolutely improve the way we move forward in marketing our business. I look forward to measuring their success within a few months.

I hope that you will forward this message onto the show organizers so they will have record of how you have “delighted” their customers.”

Erin Garritty
Sales Manager
SUBNET Solutions, Inc.

“Beyond outstanding.”

Brad Counihan
SpecialtyArt International

“I just finished (Mac’s) marketing boot camp this afternoon. All I can say is it was AWESOME!!! and an excellent use of our time.”

Michael Noel

Creative2000 Computer Solutions, Inc.

“Great. Much needed.”

Peggy Morey
Advertising Director
K&L Microwave

“I learned more in (Mac’s) Marketing Boot Camp session than I learned in all of the combined marketing education sessions I’ve attended in the last twenty years.”

Kevin Horner
VP Sales and Marketing
Borek and Associates, Inc.

“Worth every minute.”

Skip Craske
VP Sales & Marketing
ISCO, Inc.

“I’ve been in marketing for 18 years but have never spent a minute of my time or a dollar of my money more wisely than attending (Mac’s) Marketing Boot Camp.”

Chris C. Houpis
Senior Manager, Field Marketing Programs
Kronos Incorporated

“McIntosh is awesome!”

Sandy Mansell
Senior Media Buyer
Saifman Richards & Assoc.

“I came away with lots of ideas, tips and techniques for generating, nurturing and qualifying sales leads that I could put to work right away.”

Dave Bodnarchuk
eventIQ Inc.

“Excellent. Top Notch.”

Jeff Klingberg
Fluid Power Technologies Intl.

“Excellent. I’ve been in this business for fifteen years and think I know it all. I learned at least eight new and interesting facts/ideas.”

Pamela Dillett
Senior Account Executive
Resser & Sparling Adv.

“Relevant, timely, potent.”

David Jonethis
Ad Ware, Inc.

“I was skeptical about investing my time and money to get to New York, but found your seminar was well worth the time and investment.”

David Stinner
US itek inc.

“Great real-life examples.”

Liz Dunham
Manager of Marketing Services
Distribution Sciences, Inc.

“By following Mac’s direction and handout notes, my revenue is already well on its way to surpassing last year.”

Gus Gikas
Computing Solutions Canada

“Exceeded my expectations.”

Steve Regan
Director, Aftermarket Sales
Sly Inc.

“A great, informative, enthusiastic presentation. Great ideas that will propel my career to new heights.”

L. Mueller
Mktg. Comm. Specialist
The Coleman Company

“Very helpful and thought provoking!”

Mary Chisholm
MicroRidge Systems, Inc.

“I left with no fewer than 10 concrete ideas for increasing the quality of our relationship marketing.”

Jennifer Smith
Manager, Mktg. Comm.

“One of the best seminars I’ve been to.”

Katheryn Birch
Advertising Manager
Daniel Woodhead Co.

“Certainly worth the money and time invested. So many good ideas, wish we had another day.”

Roland Wright
Marketing Manager

“Usefully specific and concrete. Thanks!”

Sharon Jokela
Accounts Coordinator
Holter Media Group

“I really found your seminar to be one of the best that’s come around in a long time.”

Marissa Armour
Business Development Manager
Impact Management

“Very good session. I learned a great deal.”

Charles Vicari
Marketing Manager
Absolute Process Instruments

“Very professional — very believable and recommendable! Will tell others about it.”

Larry Draves
Kalamazoo Technical Furniture

“Excellent! Best program of the conference.”

Christine Oliver
Director, Mktg. Comm.
ArrayComm, Inc.

“Excellent. Good ideas, well presented. Mac is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic.”

John Trumbore
Senior VP
Harris, Baio & McCullough

“A very informative day. Should help a lot.”

Michael W. Hall
Marketing Manager
Stiles Machinery

“Mac offered a step by step program with real ideas that can be used daily.”

Mary Ann Valente
Sales Manager
Pasta Valente

“Excellent. Immediately usable information.”

Steve Sterrett
Vice President Engineering

“(Mac’s seminar) was one of the best courses I’ve attended.”

Julia Fuller
Shannon & Associates

“A needed slap in the face to increase sales.”

Norm Lester
Vice President Sales
Hi-Tech Rubber, Inc.

“Excellent. I would unquestionably recommend this session.”

Chris Nelson
PR Specialist
Longren & Parks

“Excellent speaker. Very interesting and eye opening!”

Amy More
Sales Support Manager
Link Technologies

“The best, most informational seminar I’ve ever attended.”

Nikki Rowe
Mktg. Comm. Administrator
Berlin Packaging

“Excellent. (Mac) kept my attention. That’s hard to do.”

Judith A Steppel
General Manager

“This was the best seminar/workshop I’ve ever been to.”

Kathy Wegman
Direct Marketing Specialist

M. H. "Mac” McIntosh

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