Increase your B2B marketing ROI

I can help you show that marketing pays off at the bottom line with better tracking and measurement.

Track and measure to increase your marketing ROI

Give management hard facts rather than educated guesses about your B-to-B sales and marketing results. My Accountability Checkups are designed to help you:

  • Track the results of your marketing communications programs
  • Determine your ROI
  • Justify to your management that marcom investments are paying off in sales and new business

How to get accountable

Simply counting inquiries or measuring image and awareness doesn’t cut it today. You have to link investments in marketing business-to-business and communications to sales and revenue. I urge you to invest the time and effort it takes to track and measure your return on investment.

  • Match inquiries to actual orders, warranty cards, or get as close as you can
  • Consider new ways of connecting the dots: coupons, offers, etc.
  • Code your marketing methods
  • Conduct “Did you buy?” surveys
  • Incentivize salespeople to report back on sales from inquiries
  • Plus other strategies and techniques

Speak senior manangement’s language

As a result of better tracking and measurement, I’ll be able to help you:

  • Show the relationship between your marketing and revenue
  • Show how much you saved the company
  • Show other ways your marketing is more effective
  • List all the marketing projects your marketing team completed
  • Always be ready to make your case

If you’re like other clients of mine, you might get a bigger budget, more staff, or even a promotion and a raise as a result.

Start with an Accountability Checkup

Maximize your marketing return on investment (ROI) with an Accountability Checkup. I’ll analyze your programs and resources to help you determine what is working and where improvements can be made. Contact me and we’ll find a solution that works for you. Need to convince others first? I can help with that also.

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