Survey links marketing communications investments to sales

A Sales Lead Results Study is a fast and inexpensive way to prove to corporate management that your marketing communications programs are paying off

Are you looking for a fast and inexpensive way to prove to corporate management that your advertising, trade shows exhibits, public relations efforts and other B2B marketing communications programs are paying off? A Sales Lead Results Study may be just what you need!

Determine your B2B marketing return-on-investment

The Mac McIntosh Company specifically designed the Sales Lead Results Study to help you determine sales results, market share and the buying intentions of your longer-term prospects.

What kinds of answers do I get?


The Sales Lead Results Study is designed to get you the answers you need to justify and increase your marketing communications budget and increase the number of sales leads that turn into sales for your company. Some answers you can expect to get are:

Do prospects recall getting your literature? Did it get there in time? What is helpful in moving them towards a purchase decision?

Were prospects contacted by your telemarketers, sales people, reps, distributors or dealers? In person? By mail? By phone?

What competitors did your prospects also consider and why?

Did the prospect buy? From you or your competitor? How many? Why?

Are they still in the market, planning to buy? When? From who and why? Do they have the money budgeted?

How does it work?

The Mac McIntosh Company, in cooperation with a leading market research firm, will develop a custom survey questionnaire, survey your inquirers by phone, tabulate the results and prepare a written report containing survey results and recommendations.

How much does it cost and how long will it take?

Your investment for 100 completed surveys is only $5,995 and 200 completed surveys is only $7,995. In most cases you can have the results in hand in less than three weeks.

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