Telemarketing lead generation

Generate better leads with the right telemarketing lead generation program: in-house or outsourced.

Get the right solution for your business

Telemarketing lead generation can be an important ingredient in your b-to-b marketing and sales mix. It can be very effective if done right. And very expensive if done wrong. Let me help you do it right. I will analyze and recommend the right solution.

In-house: I can help with your in-house telemarketing lead generation

Are you setting up an in-house telemarketing department from scratch? Or are you looking to improve your existing business-to-business lead generation telemarketing operation? From setting overall goals and objectives to hiring and training personnel, to finding lists to call and fine-tuning strategies and scripts, to measuring activity and results… I can help.

Outsourcing: I can help you get more from outsourced telemarketing lead generation

Rather than waste valuable time, or risk a costly “trial-and-error” approach to finding the right B2B telemarketing company or call center vendor to outsource your inbound or outbound telemarketing projects to, consider putting me to work instead.

I know all the industry “players” and can recommend a short list of lead generation telemarketing companies that will suit your specific needs–reducing your time, effort and the risk associated with choosing an “unknown” company.

Depending on your resources and objectives, I can oversee the entire call center vendor selection process–from creating the short list of qualified telemarketing lead generation companies, to writing the RFP, to negotiating favorable agreements, to managing the set up and implementation of your outsourced telemarketing programs. Or I can do only the parts of the vendor selection process you don’t have the time or expertise to do yourself.

Start with a Telemarketing Checkup™

If you’re not sure if your in-house or outsourced programs are as effective as they should be, consider having me do a Telemarketing Checkup for you. I’ll take a good, unbiased look at your telemarketing operation(s), confirm what’s working and point out what needs to be improved.

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