B2B Marketing and Marcom Consulting

Generate more qualified B2B sales leads, increase sales and profits, and improve ROI from your marketing communications.

Does your company sell products or services to other companies, institutions or the government? I’m well qualified to help you improve the return on investment (ROI) from your business-to-business marketing and marketing communications efforts.

From helping you set realistic goals to determining the right marketing strategy and marcom tactics for meeting those goals, I know what works and what doesn’t in today’s tough B2B marketplace.

I’ll help you develop results-oriented marketing plans

With expert marketing consulting and marcom consulting, your business-to-business marketing plans will incorporate the best strategies for meeting your company’s sales and growth objectives. I’ll work with your senior management to determine goals. I’ll talk with your salespeople, customers and prospects. Then I’ll use what I’ve learned—combined with my industry experience—to put together a winning marketing plan for you and your team to use.

Cost-effective marketing communications

I’ll help you put together a detailed marcom plan that gives you the most bang for your buck. A plan that fits your budget and resources, and leverages the latest technology to get the job done right. Clients have told me that they are getting better results and maximizing the return on their marketing communications inves™ents as a result of the plans I helped them put together.

Measure return on investment

My Accountability Checkups help you prove to management that your business-to-business marketing and marketing communications programs are paying off. I’ve helped a number of my clients to “close the loop” and use ROI information to justify an increase in their budgets and staff, and even get promotion and raise. For example, one of my clients, in a recession economy, was able to justify a 40% increase to her advertising budget due to the marketing ROI tracking programs I helped her to implement. And a short time later she was offered a senior position at company headquarters.

Marketing for Leads and Sales Checkups™

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with a Marketing Checkup™. I’ll analyze your past and current business-to-business marketing plans, strategies, marcomm tactics and resources, then make practical, cost-effective recommendations that will help you maximize your ROI.

Mac McIntosh

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M. H. "Mac" McIntosh is described by many as one of America's leading business-to-business sales and marketing consultants and marketing speakers. He is president of Mac McIntosh Incorporated, a marketing consulting firm specializing in helping companies get more high-quality sales leads and turn them into sales. More about Mac...