B2B marketing solutions: Products sold to corporate management

Are you marketing to C-level and other senior executives? I can help.

Want to drive more high-level sales?

Do you market or sell “complex” products and services affecting the entire enterprise or multiple depar™ents? I specialize in “considered purchases” and “big ticket” items involving longer sales cycles, multiple decision makers and/or senior management approval, such as:

  • Computer networking
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing or process automation
  • Software: accounting, management, HR, process control

For more information, a proposal or pricing, contact me directly and request a free Decision Maker Kit: call 1-800-944-5553 or use my contact form.

I’ll help you generate more high-quality leads and sales with B2B marketing

Improve your B2B marketing, marketing communications and sales leads programs with proven and powerful strategies and techniques that will help you:

  • Generate more responses from qualified prospects
  • Convert more inquiries and leads into sales
  • Improve awareness of your product/service in your target market
  • Reduce your cost per lead, to increase your ROI
  • Generate more profits for your company

How I can help you meet and exceed your sales and marketing goals:

  • Lead generation for the complex sale
  • Lead nurturing / relationship marketing
  • Lead management
  • Inquiry handling
  • Database marketing

No matter what marketing tactics you use, I have expertise using all of them to uncover the decision-makers and shepherd the complex sale process. With more than 20 years of advertising, marketing and sales experience, I’ve earned an enviable reputation for getting results for my clients. I can help your company with:

  • Advertising (print, broadcast, online)
  • Direct marketing (by mail, email, telemarketing)
  • Event marketing
  • Marketing databases
  • Online marketing (Pay-per-click/PPC, email marketing)
  • Outsourcing marketing
  • Public relations
  • Trade shows
  • Website development
  • Website search engine optimization

Start with a Marketing for Leads and Sales Checkup

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with a Marketing for Leads and Sales Checkup. I’ll analyze your past and current business-to-business marketing plans, strategies, tactics and resources, audit marketing communications results, then make practical, cost-effective recommendations that will help you maximize your ROI.

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M. H. "Mac" McIntosh is described by many as one of America's leading business-to-business sales and marketing consultants and marketing speakers. He is president of Mac McIntosh Incorporated, a marketing consulting firm specializing in helping companies get more high-quality sales leads and turn them into sales. More about Mac...