Laboratory and R&D marketing

Are your products/services used in a laboratory or in R&D? I can help.

Want to generate better leads for the laboratory and R&D market?

Whether you’re marketing to primary or applied research labs, to a principal investigator or to a lab manager, I’ll help you generate more qualified leads to drive sales. I can help you develop the right message and lead nurturing program to stay top-of-mind. Examples include:

  • Specialized intruments
  • Automated testing equipment
  • Consumable supplies such as test kits
  • “Big-ticket” items with multiple levels of approval

For more information, a proposal or pricing, contact me directly and request a free Decision Maker Kit: call 1-800-944-5553 or use my contact form.

Drive more demand and sales with your marketing

By connecting with those in charge of purchasing, you can drive sales both today and for years to come. I focus on finding the prospects who signal they’re interested, then helping you spend your resources wisely to turn leads into sales. Contact me if you want to:

  • Generate more responses from qualified prospects
  • Convert more inquiries and leads into sales
  • Improve awareness of your product/service in your target market
  • Reduce your cost per lead, to increase your ROI

Are you marketing to a lab manager?

You want to convince the lab manager your product is better or more cost-effective than the competition. If you sell through a distributor, I can help get your message to the decision-makers. I also can develop alternative ways of penetrating accounts that aren’t buying from the distributor. How about a lead generation campaign to purchase directly from you? The key is to get someone at the lab to be interested, support your product, and get your products into the lab, as I’ve helped other clients do.

Are you marketing to a principal investigator or primary research labs?

When a project is dependent on research grants, the prospect’s point in the sales cycle can keep changing. I can help you maintain an ongoing relationship. Connect with the researcher during grant writing, offer support services and information so your solution is present when the researcher is ready to place an order.

How I can help you meet and exceed your sales and marketing goals:

  • Marketing to drive leads and sales
  • Identifying qualifed leads
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead management software and systems
  • Documentation and literature fulfillment

No matter what marketing tools you use, I have expertise using any of them to deliver leads that drive sales. With more than 20 years of advertising, marketing and sales experience, I’ve earned an enviable reputation for getting results for my clients.

  • Advertising (print, broadcast, online)
  • Direct marketing (by mail, email, telemarketing)
  • Event marketing
  • Marketing databases
  • Online marketing (Pay-per-click/PPC, email marketing)
  • Outsourcing marketing
  • Public relations
  • Trade shows
  • Website development
  • Website search engine optimization

Start with a Marketing for Leads and Sales Checkup

Get through to those who build the product. Improve the effectiveness of your marketing with a Marketing for Leads and Sales Checkup. I’ll analyze your past and current business-to-business marketing plans, strategies, tactics and resources, audit marketing communications results, then make practical, cost-effective recommendations that will help you maximize your ROI.

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