Information technology marketing

Do you market or sell IT products and services? I can help.

Want more qualified leads for the technology market?

Do you market or sell technology? I specialize in generating sales-ready leads to drive sales for hardware, software, and information technology products and services. Examples include:

  • Telecommunications equipment and services
  • ISVs: Software for niche markets
  • IHVs: Hardware components
  • “Big-ticket” hardware and software with multiple levels of approval

For more information, a proposal or pricing, contact me directly and request a free Decision Maker Kit: call 1-800-944-5553 or use my contact form.

Use marketing to drive sales: Direct or through channel partners

Whether you have inside sales people, sell through channels, use catalogers or online merchants, I’ll help you generate more high-quality leads to drive sales. Improve your B2B marketing and sales leads programs with proven and powerful methods that will help you:

  • Generate more responses from qualified prospects
  • Convert more inquiries and leads into sales
  • Improve awareness of your product/service in your target market
  • Reduce your cost per lead, to increase your ROI
  • Generate more profits for your company

High-tech marketing: Work both angles

Getting business and technical decision makers to see eye-to-eye is a key challenge to selling your software and hardware, especially when it affects whole depar™ents or organizations. I can help make your case to many types of prospects.

Show the business benefits of:

  • Switching to your solution
  • Standardizing or using a custom solution
  • Outsourcing or going in-house
  • Better integration
  • A lower learning curve

Combat common technical resistance such as:

  • Lack of incentive to change
  • Practice of re-inventing the wheel in-house
  • Preferring a particular technology for personal reasons
  • Claims of being too busy
  • Not wanting to provide support

Support your channel partners

Do you sell through:

  • OEMs
  • VARs
  • systems integrators
  • IT consultants
  • trainers, or
  • other channels?

I can help you develop better marketing communication and product support. Get more attention for your products and services from those who work directly with the buyers. You’ll see the results on your bottom line.

Marketing to drive leads and sales

No matter what marketing tactics you use, I have expertise using all of them to market software, hardware and other technology. With more than 20 years of advertising, high-tech marcom and sales experience, I’ve earned an enviable reputation for getting results for my clients. I can help your company with:

  • Advertising (print, broadcast, online)
  • Direct marketing (by mail, email, telemarketing)
  • Database marketing
  • Marketing outsourcing
  • Online marketing (Pay-per-click/PPC, email marketing)
  • PR
  • Seminars and training
  • Trade shows and events
  • Website design to drive leads
  • Website search engine optimization

Start with a Marketing for Leads and Sales Checkup

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with a Marketing for Leads and Sales Checkup. I’ll analyze your past and current business-to-business marketing plans, strategies, tactics and resources, audit marketing communications results, then make practical, cost-effective recommendations that will help you maximize your ROI.

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